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A bi-weekly InuYasha MST contest community
Welcome to IY_MST!

The concept for this contest is to take stories not over 1500 words in length, and make the InuYasha gang watch them as if watching a movie! What will their reactions be to seeing their lives as written by the InuYasha fanfiction community? You will provide their comments, as well as descriptions of their actions interspersed throughout the actual story! Believe me it works - it is quite hysterical!

It is not a vehicle for the participants in the contest to wank the stories - and if they are truly bad!fics, the authors will be told what may happen when we let the characters MST them - even Kagome, InuYasha, Miroku, Sango, and Sesshomaru (and the others) will recognize good writing from bad! Because it is you writing the reactions of the characters that is the goal here - not weaning by the contest participants!

We will try and vary the prompts, alternating between fics approved by authors for use, and maybe writing some of our own....XD And because I am terribly hentai, and hentai fics make the funniest stories to make the InuYasha gang MST, this is a moderated community. Sorry, no minors.

All stories should have the week number and story/prompt name in it, and be posted under an LJ cut. And please follow the format below when posting:

Story Prompt:

Voting will take place for three days after the end of the contest, and banners will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place if we have enough entries. And no voting for your own entry!!

This community will not tolerate trolls! No wanking allowed! It is meant to be a fun competition, and all are encouraged to post comments in a constructive and courteous manner. Assholes will be booted out pronto if they rear their ugly heads here!

If you have any questions or have a fic you'd like to nominate to be mst'd just PM one of us mods. :3

Your mods: Roxotaku, Xgrenade, and Browneyedmami


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