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browneyedmami [userpic]
Prompt 1
by browneyedmami (lapis_paladin)
at October 17th, 2008 (05:13 pm)

Title: Little Red Kagome
Author: browneyedmami/ButtercupN87 (my diff usernames)
Genre: Humor
Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippo
Summary: Kagome takes her friends from the feudal era to the present to watch a new anime. But the anime was certaintly not what she expected...
A/N: Bolded is the story that was MST'd . Everything not bolded is what I wrote. Italics is emphasis on a characters words, or a characters thought. Also, the well works for everone in this story.

Story under here!Collapse )

WolfGoddess77 [userpic]
Prompt 1
by WolfGoddess77 (fire_goddess_77)
at October 9th, 2008 (02:43 pm)

current mood: accomplished

Title: Little Red Kagome
Author: FireGoddess
Rating: T for language
Genre: Humor
Characters: Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, Miroku
Summary: Kagome settles in with her friends for a night of fun.
A/N: Sentences in brackets are what's actually going on. This is supposed to be on the stupid side, so bear that in mind when reading. In this story, Kagome figures out how to get her friends through the well by giving them a shard of the Jewel. We'll just pretend it works.


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Roxotaku [userpic]
Welcome to IY_MST!
by Roxotaku (roxotaku)
at October 4th, 2008 (08:05 am)

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For those who have never read an MST before, I am posting a link to a story on MediaMiner.org that was the inspiration for this community. Unlike other MSTs I have read, which some may consider wank, the way this was written was NOT wank, and wanking is not what this community is about and will not be tolerated! Not to say that the InuYasha characters may not be exposed to bad!fics about them, but not without the authors consent and understanding why we ask to use their story. Even good stories will be MSTed, because the object of the contest is to write about the characters reactions to what is happening to them in the story - not the contest participants reaction.

Please go read this story:


And here, this is the description of the story copy/pasted from MM.org. "MST: Love Witch"

Anime/Manga: InuYasha
Genre(s): Comedy / Hentai | Type: Revenge Fic
Author: Sera and SSJ_DarkStar713
Uploaded On: February 15, 2003 10:12 CST
Pages: 18 | Words: 10416 | Size: 60 KB | Visits: 3256 | Status: Completed
   Naraku has been slighted too many times. He goes to Kagome's world, and sets up the most evil plot to ever be plotted... he kidnaps Inuyasha's and Sesshoumaru's groups, and forces them to MST horrible fanfics! How will they ever survive the horror?

This is their first assignment, where Naraku forces them to MST the story "Love Witch". Insanity inside, beware. 

When Xregrenade, browneyedmami, and I are ready, we will the community up and running. Don't worry, just need to iron out some issues and get more members - so spread the word! This community is meant to be lots of fun! And we will award 1st, 2nd, and 2rd prizes with banners as long as we get enough participation....^^

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